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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Why doesn't the President sing the National Anthem?

About a week after National Day on 9 August 2010, I submitted an enquiry to the Istana's feedback form. I won't elaborate on what it is because it's self-explanatory.

Firstly, please note that this message is not a joke. I'm asking it in all seriousness because it is something that many people have noticed, but no one has the answer to.

I've noticed that at every National Day Parade, during the singing of the National Anthem, the President is shown to be not singing it. This year, the camera was focused on him at the tail-end of the anthem, but his lips were visibly sealed.

With all due respect to His Excellency, I was wondering if there is a protocol that says that the President is exempt from singing the National Anthem.

Thank you for your time.

Yu Hui
After waiting about a week and not receiving any response, not even an automated "thank you", I sent the above to the Straits Times Forum and Today Voices. Till today, I have not seen this enquiry published in either of the mainstream newspapers.

So I'm just posting it here on the hope that someone will chance upon it and know the answer that is on a lot of people's minds:

Why doesn't the President of Singapore sing the National Anthem during National Day parades?

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