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Monday, 14 September 2009

Where's the escalator yellow box?

As everyone knows, in Singapore, we have signs that teach you how to use basic things. Like how to wash your hands. And how to queue.

And how to use an escalator safely.

Almost all escalators have a safety guide. One of the key things that you're supposed to do is to stand within the yellow box that's marked out on each step. This is to prevent your foot and/or footwear from getting caught at the sides, and for you not to trip over the edge of a step.

Escalator safety sign

Now here's the thing: when you stand on an escalator and look down, here's what you see:

Where's the yellow box on the escalator?

So... where's the safety yellow box?

Logically, you'd paint around the entire border of the steps. It turns out that most escalators just have the box painted on the inside of the steps. As a result, if you're especially rule-abiding and try to stand within a yellow box on the escalator, you'll probably find yourself unable to do so. Which makes you feel unsafe.

Which goes against the whole idea of making escalators safe to use.