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Saturday, 16 August 2008

Belated National Day present -- an Olympic medal!

Olympic rings
By now, everyone is gushing about Singapore finally within reach of an Olympic medal, thanks to our female table tennis team. Sure, they are, as some people call them, "China-poreans". But hey, a medal won under the Singapore flag is still a medal nonetheless. Rejoice!

I watched the game with some others and there were, admittedly, some heart-stopping moments. It was certainly disappointing to hear that Singapore would have to fight all the way to the last game, when we were leading the matches 2-0. I think a lot of us thought that the team would be able to win three matches within the first four.

But in the end, all of us were excited that Singapore won! Finally, an Olympic medal is ours again! Some joked that we had won a silver medal. I'd like to remain optimistic. There were some signs of fighting spirits in the players, and I hope that they can soldier on in the big game.

It's been more than 40 years since we last won an Olympic medal, a silver for weightlifting in 1960. On the upside, when anyone talks about the Olympics again, Tan Howe Liang won't be singled out for his achievement.

Go, Team Singapore!