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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

"Destroy a landmark to build an MRT station? Why Not?"

Destroy a landmark to build an MRT station? Why Not?

I just couldn't resist taking a dig at the Land Transport Authority's hare-brained decision to destroy the New 7th Storey Hotel. Its rationale is that it needs the space to build the entrances to the new station. And the ground is made of marine clay, so the demolition is necessary to ensure construction safety. Oh, and the hotel is haunted with the ghosts who threaten to spill state secrets. Okay, that last one is a blatant joke.

(In case you have no idea what this ruckus is all about, LTA plans to demolish the 50-plus-year-old New 7th Storey Hotel, so that it can build a station for the upcoming Downtown MRT Line.)

Thank goodness that the Action Community for Entrepreneurship is running its "Why Not?" campaign right now. It encourages Singaporeans to become more entrepreneurial by thinking out of the box.

So LTA, how about it? Why not think outside of your box? With 20 years of underground transport construction experience behind us (MRT, CTE tunnels, KPE tunnels), do we have the technology and expertise to construct an underground station without compromising above-the-surface buildings?



Khayce said...

I think with the Nicoll Highway fiasco, no one's going to be taking any more chances.

Denzuko1 said...

IT is the Garment as a whole and not LTA who think out of the box, LTA is just the tool to remove this eye-sore from the surface of the earth.

If you travel past the Hotel, you will find that it is the only building standing on an empty piece of land. As such it devalues the location because should any developer is to buy that piece of land, they have to design their Shopping Centres to avoid this building.

Demolishing this hotel will make way for the next big thing, auctioning out the land to another developer at a much higher price.

Anonymous said...

Gahmen wanna take, just take. quote watever rule/law can liao. and said to "compensate accordingly to market rates".

even if they were to compensate accordingly of a figure, say $500mil, whats not to say that the owners can sell it in 3 years later for $800mil cos of the F1 and IR, so forth.

no such thing as genuine ownership of land, even freehold. once you sitting on goldmine, it belongs to gahmen.


Lai Chow said...

Pure genius jamming the Why Not? ad with this.

Well, this would never happen to the DHL balloon.

Yuhui said...

khayce: That could, unfortunately, be true. Though I think the Nicoll Highway was a case of supervisors/management taking a "heck care" attitude.

denzuko1: That makes sense, especially when looking at the developments above Orchard and Somerset stations.

anonymous: Unless you are living near a VVIP... ;)

lai chow: Maybe because the DHL balloon is too commercialised? After all, it is blatant advertising.

exakr said...

Ha ha. I myself personally railed at LTA in my own blog regarding this, but you did it with so much more wit and humour. Nice one!

Yuhui said...

exakr: hey, thanks! But your blog entry is important too as another voice in raising the issue.

Anonymous said...

great post

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me when did singapore built the MRT station

Yuhui said...

Anonymous: the station is being built now. And the hotel was demolished a few months ago.

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