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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

"Destroy a landmark to build an MRT station? Why Not?"

Destroy a landmark to build an MRT station? Why Not?

I just couldn't resist taking a dig at the Land Transport Authority's hare-brained decision to destroy the New 7th Storey Hotel. Its rationale is that it needs the space to build the entrances to the new station. And the ground is made of marine clay, so the demolition is necessary to ensure construction safety. Oh, and the hotel is haunted with the ghosts who threaten to spill state secrets. Okay, that last one is a blatant joke.

(In case you have no idea what this ruckus is all about, LTA plans to demolish the 50-plus-year-old New 7th Storey Hotel, so that it can build a station for the upcoming Downtown MRT Line.)

Thank goodness that the Action Community for Entrepreneurship is running its "Why Not?" campaign right now. It encourages Singaporeans to become more entrepreneurial by thinking out of the box.

So LTA, how about it? Why not think outside of your box? With 20 years of underground transport construction experience behind us (MRT, CTE tunnels, KPE tunnels), do we have the technology and expertise to construct an underground station without compromising above-the-surface buildings?