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Saturday, 5 April 2008

In lieu of an official report, we'll blame a couple of complacent guards

It's interesting how the blame for Mas Selamat's escape has been laid squarely on a few detention centre personnel, even though no findings have been revealed officially. They've been labeled as "complacent" and "negligent" and are at the short end of a very big stick for an unfairly long time.

It's also interesting how the government keeps saying repeatedly that it'll reveal everything (that's not classified) in a comprehensive report into the escape. Then, in the other breath, it points fingers at the guards. Who were -- I repeat in case you didn't hear it the first time -- "complacent" and, therefore, clearly at fault.

In fact, it's more interesting that the longer the government delays releasing its report, the more often it is that unofficial but official-sounding statements keep being mentioned. Very soon, there won't be a need for the report, except for bureaucratic, red-tape reasons, because everyone would already have accepted those statements as "facts".

Finally, it's interesting that judgement has been delivered before findings and due process have been completed. Especially from a legal perspective.



Mervyn said...

After living in SG for so long, i believe this is the way of handling big issue. The key sentence "Let the time wash away all the unhappiness". This means after a while, it will quiet down.

Yuhui said...

Hey Mervyn,

Yes, it has quietened very much... which should be considered to be disconcerting.

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