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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Crowded MRT trains... no more?

Crowded MRT train carriage

Finally, SMRT will be adding extra trains during peak hours! This is Singapore, not Tokyo! We don't want nor need to be pushed into trains, as if we were sardines in a can or sheep in a slaughterhouse. We don't want to jostle in crowded trains, especially after a tiring day at work!

It's been a ridiculous situation for years. I've lost count of how many times I had to pass on boarding some trains because they were jam-packed. It became second nature for me to wait for the next train. So it's about time SMRT became "customer-centric" and acceded to the demands of its commuters.

Yeah, I used inverted commas for "customer-centric". Even Minister Raymond Lim admitted that our so-called public transport operators have been "profit-centric" for far too long. It's not called "public" for nothing, you know.

Hopefully, crowded trains will be a thing of the past. One can hope, right?

SMRT and SBS Transit raise peak period train frequencies
February 1, 2008, 4:48pm

SINGAPORE: Starting 4 February, the journey to and from work for commuters is expected to be quicker.

Both SMRT and SBS Transit announced on Friday that they will be increasing the number of train trips per week.

SMRT, which operates the North-South and East-West lines, will run 83 additional trips during the morning and evening peak periods. It said this will cut average waiting times by as much as 1.5 minutes.

The change is expected to benefit passengers travelling southwards from Yishun, and westwards from Boon Lay during the morning rush hours.

Meanwhile, northbound and eastbound commuters in the evening peak period may similarly expect a quicker, less crowded journey.

SBS Transit, which operates the North East Line (NEL), will add another 10 trips each week.

It said the move will cut average waiting times from four to three minutes during the morning peak period, and from five to four minutes in the evening rush hour.

-- Channel NewsAsia


Xizor2000 said...

If it's true, score one for Blogosphere because it was widely reported on blogs on just how much demand for trains increase as much as two times that of the increase in number of 'train sorties'. No longer can they hide behind some mumbo jumbo about their trains being at most 85% packed only.

Let's hope the 'cut down' of 1.5 mins is not rubber ban time... i.e. train shows to be coming in 2 mins but actual wait is actually 4 mins and then that's used as a figure on them having run more trains! lol

Yuhui said...

I hope so too. Then again, never underestimate the creative manipulation of data by top brass.

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